Invested in the Creative Sector


There is a continuing need for information, knowledge and guidance for new or aspiring entrants in the business of transferring creative gifts and talents into practical and sustainable business, enterprise and commerce.

We are consistently working with various creatives on a number of creative artistic, technological and socio-economic projects. If you are interested in "adopting" an artistic, creative or technological project by enjoining with us in a cost-and-profit-sharing model of investment, let us know.


We have 15 sector-specific slots on our website (see Maximum dimensions are 900 pixels by 600 pixels when viewed on a "1024 × 768" display.

See what a slot looks like here:

You can use these slots to place your own messages/posters/ads etc, at a flat-rate per month, even if you change your ads, messages, posters, notices etc on a weekly basis.

Each space costs a flat-rate per month, which stays constant even if you change your content weekly. We encourage long term arrangements that are either quarterly, bi-annual or annual. Contact us for quotes and strategies on how these spaces can work for you.

The income we generate from ”renting“ these slots is ploughed back into scouting, free training, research, concept/prototype design and tests - all which are not income generating activities - but which we need to carry out continually in the process of enhancing the value of outputs from our talent pools.


The Talent Management Agency (TTMAgency in short), is registered in the Republic of Kenya, bearing registration number BN/2013/228468 and certification dated 9th July 2013. The mission of TTMAgency is to:-

1. Harness the potential and enhance the capacities of natural, artistic and creative talent; helping them to
2. Attract and maintain the trust and goodwill of players in government, non-government, private, and informal sectors; in order to
3. Collaborate in achieving various positive social and economic gains through the employment of creative tools, services, gifts, skills and acumen.


In May 2009, we were just an idea on a whitepaper. We published that idea (see, and sent it out to various players in the local entertainment and media sector.

Later in the same year, we developed a blueprint ( to aid individuals and organizations interested in setting up agencies of talent management for the creative sector.

In July 2013, buoyed by actual working models and additional research, we embarked on the need to implement our vision to its fullest potential. We took the initiative to establish The Talent Management Agency, an independent enterprise to provide professional management consultancies for creatively gifted individuals, groups and organizations involved in the arts, entertainment, media, lifestyle, technology and sports.


Our teams and collaboration partners have years of practice in the entertainment, media, lifestyle and performing arts, fashion, sports and event management sectors locally, and an in-depth understanding of live and recorded audiovisual and literary content creation, development, presentation and promotion; digital content propagation and distribution.

Key individuals in our team hold vast experienced in talent management having fostered a good number of today's outstanding personalities in Kenya‘s entertainment, music, fashion, arts and media sectors.


Call us on +254202324361, or send an email to corporate(at)ttmagency(dot)com, and we will be glad to meet and discuss with you and your team on how we can develop and sustain a working relationship.